Topics regarding store closing at Sears

Topics regarding store closing at Sears

Ohio Valley Mall Sears closed

I used to do a lot of shopping at the Ohio Valley Mall Sears in St. Clairsville. Can't believe it won't be open anymore. What will replace it? Some would like a Target, but I don't know. I never liked their stores myself.

How to avoid closing stores

I ask my manager and he said we won't shut down as long as we all do everything possible to push the factors that make us successful like shop your way, and credit. He says if we show everyone our store can do it, it will be contagious and before you... —  read more 

If you are at any of these Sears stores, beware Eddie is about to leave you out in the cold - 2017 Store Closigns

I was going to leave store closure notices on each of the stores listed below but instead here is one post pointing to each store. Things are unraveling quickly and we'll see what 2017 brings as it relates to layoffs. I am sharing a post from... —  read more 

2017 Closures

The following Sears stores will be closed 2017: KY: Kentucky Oaks Mall, Paducah, Kentucky OK: 1901 S. Yale Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma WV: Town Center Mall, Charleston, West Virginia NY: Walden Galleria, Cheektowaga, NY NY: Boulevard... —  read more 


very poor upper level manager, is totally unaware of what happens in store or need for help in specific departments. not worried about taking care of customers, but more concerned about bottom line. bottom line will improve when policy re changed... —  read more 

Closing this April

So yet another anchor store at the Dulles Town Center Mall is closing and this time (unsurprisingly) it's Sears. We all knew this was coming sooner or later. The company wasn't exactly that lucky these past few years and mall stores in general are in... —  read more 

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Los Altos' Sears closed Shameful! What about all the people who still frequented this store? Is this the way you treat your loyal customers?

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