Does anyone have a list with all stores that The Limited plans to close in 2017. It's my understanding that some will stay open, even thought they are laying people off in the corporate office.... (Read more)

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  • So sad!

  • They are done - no stores are open any more

  • I was in NJ store yesterday and it's 80% off . Manager said yesterday or today was the last day.... (Read more)

Dress Barn is closing a ton of stores and here is the list with Dress Barn locations that have closed. Now, I hear that they will be closing all locations, so not sure how Dressbarn... (Read more)

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  • I finally found a wonderful place to shop for nice women’s clothes that actually fit and look good as an... (Read more)

  • I am disappointed that Dressbarn is closing. I also like to try on clothes before purchase or purchase it online... (Read more)

  • this is so sad, about the only lady's store with fashion and prices for the average person, When is the... (Read more)

Here is the full list - if you do not believe me, just look it up on Yellow Pages or Yelp, you will see that each of the BBB locations below has already been closed.... (Read more)

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  • The store in Rochester Hills, MI is still open. Not sure why it's on this list.

  • This list is bogus the store in Waynesboro just renewed there lease. Get your facts straight before you post them

  • They were not adapting to the times. Millennials won’t shop at large square footage facilities.

Walgreens will be closing over hundred (two hundred precisely if I remember correctly) stores in the US... but they do not have any "plans" on revealing a list of which stores will be affected by... (Read more)

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  • shall we all just go to cvs since we know they will be there

  • will bethalto be affected

  • Eh it could be worse. they could have closed all of their stores

Does someone have this list? I would like to see a list with stores that RadioShack will close in 2017. I am specifically interested in any store that may be closing in: 1. Texas 2.... (Read more)

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  • All the stores in Charlottesville,Va are closed.These are not on this list.


  • Here is the full list (source in the footer): RadioShack MADISON, AL 35756 - Address: 8640 MADISON BLVD RadioShack TUCSON,... (Read more)

If anybody is interested, here's the list of all closing stores: Leadville CO Buena Vista CO Bonners Ferry ID Dwight IL Webster City IA Cherokee IA Eldora IA Anthony KS Russell KS Phillipsburg KS Clay... (Read more)

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  • Just have been reading the comments. I never shop the dollar stores. The few times I was in them I... (Read more)

  • I always considered Shopko my FUN store. Always wandered around for about two hours and ended up with a full... (Read more)

  • Add Quincy, WA

This is the announced List of Store Closing Locations for GS: 4604 Hwy 280 -- Birmingham -- ALA 15452 N Pima Rd -- Scottsdale -- Arizona 4439 N Oracle Rd -- Tucson -- Arizona 12865... (Read more)

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  • palm beach gardens stays

  • Anything on Palm Beach Gardens Store. Was told a decision would be made by November 1st.

  • Minnetonka

If you have that list please share it with all of us who have interest in Shopko and closing stores. Thank you in advance.

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  • Jobs in DC got outsourced to 3rd party logistics company, Spectrum America-a subsidiary of Metro based in Canada. No one... (Read more)

  • Shopko closed its distribution center in Omaha this happened back in November 2016 - many people lost jobs - overall,... (Read more)

  • Is the Riverdale shopko closing??? I love this store need to know mm has gift card and she can't always... (Read more)

Who may have the list of ALL Toys R Us stores that are closing. I'll also need a list with Babies R Us stores that will be closing soon. Ideally I'd have the following: -... (Read more)

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  • Where is it

  • The stores in boardman and niles ohio is not closing

  • Hello

Family Dollar just announced that they will close almost 400 locations (390 to be precise). This is major, if you assume that they have 25 people per store, 1000s of people will lose jobs. Dollar... (Read more)

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  • Which Family Dollar stores are closing in San Antonio

  • They need to close all Family Dollar stores. Nothing but ghetto stores. No more in the future os on done... (Read more)

  • They need to close all Family Dollar stores. Nothing but ghetto stores.

Here is a list of Shopko stores that will be closing in 2019. There is about 240 Shopko stores listed. I've sorted the list based on the city name and for each stores I've entered... (Read more)

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  • when are the shopko stores in Wisconsin closing

  • when are the central Wisconsin shopko's closing

  • Shopko Wautoma closing

That's pretty much sure - there are many warning signs about potential layoffs and store closings for Gander Mountain - if you look at what our competition is doing it'll be clear that there are... (Read more)

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  • I hope all gander close it is the worst outdoor store ever

  • It's a no brainier that to stay afloat The Mountain has to close some locations. It's a metrics driven company,... (Read more)

  • Who is being laid off? Managers or everyone. Are you sure?

Here is the full list of stores that will not be closing in 2017... This is based on what Golfsmith announced (see the link below for the source): These 30 Golfsmith stores will remain open:... (Read more)

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  • Are there any of their stores or golf stores open under new name that takes Golfsmith's gift cards.

  • Is there a Golfsmith store still open in Wisc.

  • I talked to the salesman at Goldsmith in the Woodlands, Texas. This is one of their store that is still... (Read more)

No massive closings, but some exist. I need to get a list of locations that will be closed by Applebee's.

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  • List of closings in Wisconsin please

  • Why are you closing all of these Applebee s????

  • Fayetteville, AR location is now closed.

I heard it's 30 stores - Soup and Sweet Tomatoes - but nobody knows what stores are affected. Do you know if they will be transferring employees, or is everyone being laid off?

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  • Only the underperformers in Midwest and south. Not a chance any will close in strongholds Calif or Florida, likely not... (Read more)

  • I can confirm 30 stores are closing - that's all what I know - there is a list that's floating... (Read more)

  • Are sweet tomatoe stores closing in Fl, specifically Ft. Myers and Naples. I've heard rumors the chain is going bankrupt.... (Read more)

Here is the full list, 30+ stores will be closed by ShopKo: FULL LIST OF CLOSING STORES Leadville CO Buena Vista CO Bonners Ferry ID Dwight IL Webster City IA Cherokee IA Eldora IA Anthony... (Read more)

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  • I went to the one in Pullman washington

  • My mom got laid off, she worked at Plentywood store. It' sad and she's crushed. It's hard to find any... (Read more)

  • They’ve just announced closing of another 38 stores. The list can be found here:

Here is the full list of Golfsmith stores that are closing - please note that some have been closed already - I will reply to this message and share with you the list of stores... (Read more)

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  • Here is the list with 30 Golfsmith stores that will NOT CLOSE. As you can notice they are mostly in... (Read more)

101 Capital Square Drive, Brunswick, Georgia [CLOSED] 10780 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, Kansas [CLOSED] 11301 Abercorn St, Savannah, Georgia [CLOSED] 11674 University Drive, Orlando, Florida [CLOSED] 1230 N Westover Blvd., Albany, Georgia [CLOSED] 12821 Fair... (Read more)

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  • They also closed the location near Easton Town Center in Columbus Ohio! Hey had a pretty outdoor patio with firepit!

  • Logans also closed their restaurant on Mary Esther Blvd., Mary Esther Florida today September 29, 2016. This is located near... (Read more)

Is there a list of Gap stores that will be closing in 2019. I just heard the news that a massive store closure is coming up and I wanted to see who will be affected.... (Read more)

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  • They need to close the Albertville MN locations crappy service, high prices and worst of all lazy managers

  • Gap to close 230 stores like one in mall of America in 2019.

  • The Fifth Avenue location was Gap’s New York flagship store and it's closed - this is the result of the... (Read more)