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NO! There is no shopping in Marion except at Dillard's. Your buyers are terrible and I have not been happy with their merchandise for the past 10 years, but it is still the only place to go!

Luby shuttered

Seems that the Luby's in Houston on 1743 Post Oak Blvd shuttered. Not sure why it shuttered but I know for a fact that it's gone now. Very sad since this whole ordeal could have been avoided.

Where did they move?

Where did the TJ Maxx move once they closed their 9125 W Broad St store in Richmond, VA? The least they could have done is to inform their customers where they have moved exactly so that we can continue to support them. I suppose they don't need our... —  read more 

Starbucks closed apparently

Can't lie, didn't see this happening. The Starbucks on 450 7th Ave in NY closed. I'm curious to know what made them close. It was a completely average store but it was still a Starbucks, after all. They are always busy in one way or another.