Not surprised

Really not surprised to see all these Shopko stores closing. I left the company two years ago, and it was already falling apart at the seams. I'm sorry for the people, though. To do this so close to Christmas... I hope everybody lands on their feet and find new positions soon. Good luck, everybody!

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  • My wife worked for Shopko and saw this coming 3 years ago. She had previously worked for ALCO for 16 years. She started as a Asst. Manager when Shopko reopened our closed ALCO store and immediately saw this store was going to be a failure due to their prices and lack of inventory that sold the most at our ALCO store (such as hardware and automotive supplies). Their store manager was also a major liability due to a complete lack of customer service skills. She resigned after 6 months of employment. Our store is closing at the end of February.

  • I hate to see them close, we have nothing in our town to shop at and this will be a hit very hard. Please reconsider your decision.