Have a List of Family Dollar Stores to Close in 2019? ~400 Stores Will Close

Family Dollar just announced that they will close almost 400 locations (390 to be precise). This is major, if you assume that they have 25 people per store, 1000s of people will lose jobs. Dollar Tree owns them and they are causing this.

My daughter works there and they are devastated. Many depend on that income, many single parent folks that will be majorly impacted by this heartless decision. I am sure executives will keep their bonuses and will make even more money. They already closed 120 Family Dollar stores and they will take about 200 additional stores and they will slap the Dollar Tree logo on them - I am sure they will also be doing some layoffs there. Now, I would like to find out what stores will be closed so if you have a list of Family Dollar stores that will close please share it here.

Also if you have a list with Family Dollar stores that will be rebranded to Dollar Tree please share it as well. Not sure if someone can post a list with closures/employees laid off - it'd be interesting to see what kind of employees are being laid off, who is getting transferred etc.

Back to the list question - not sure if we can have a list like this but I am sure someone is logging things and keeping track of the madness.

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  • Which Family Dollar stores are closing in San Antonio

  • They need to close all Family Dollar stores. Nothing but ghetto stores. No more in the future os on done for a north america.

  • They need to close all Family Dollar stores. Nothing but ghetto stores.

  • 25 employees per location is not a good assumption. Family dollar stores I worked in my district only has average max of 5 employees store. Store manager, 2 assistants, and 2 cashiers if u were lucky. Mostly days u were working by yourself doing everything from putting truck away, stocking, recovering and waiting on customers. Store manager work more than the required 52hours and rest of store employee were not allowed any overtime. It will be interesting to see which stores r on the list.

  • http://fortune.com/2019/03/06/dollar-tree-family-dollar-3/