I really like the store and the selection of kitchen items. Unfortunately, anything I find over $50 in the store, can be bought online from Amazon or eBay for about 25% less with free shipping. Marketing Analysts like to blame online shopping, poorly organized stores, too large of a selection of products, and a dozen other things. They don't understand that in the last 30 years, the concept of customer loyalty based on long term friendships with sales staff (who often worked the same stores for 25 years) is non-existent, due to the high turnover of young employees looking for a bottom rung of their career ladder. Combine that with the stores' mandatory 50%-100% mark-ups from corporate bean counters, and the customers won't hesitate to go online to shop. Their greed for higher stockholder dividends will eventually kill most brick & mortar except for the Wal-Mart's and Dollar stores.

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