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Will these cuts work out for Gap? I think they will. Sometimes these cuts are necessary for the survival of a company and Gap is sadly one of those companies that needs all the help you can get. Job cuts included. Perhaps... —  read more 

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Rapid City

Such an unfortunate closing. Lovely store with lovely people working there... but I do have to admit that the store could get a bit dirty sometimes. The staff wasn't that quick or eager to clean it up.

Hardee's has closed

To quote Ms. Roberts "Big Mistake. Big. Huge.". No reason for this closure was given and to me there was no reason to close it in the first place. Hardee's at 2196 University Avenue, Dubuque was a quaint, nice restaurant that was loved by many. Why... —  read more 

Nordstrom layoffs

My heart goes out to all the 231 individuals who are losing their jobs due to the layoffs happening at that distribution center. It's not fair.


The Columbiana mall Belk has so many problems. It's one thing after another from descrimination to homeless people in closets for days and now dead people. Yes recently a janitor was found in the family bathroom on the first floor dead. And that's... —  read more 

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FedEx closing about 90 locations

It's looking very bad for FedEx. The company is closing 90 or so FedEx Office locations. They're trying to cut costs and make ends meet. Maybe this will be beneficial for the company as a whole but for now things are looking grim.

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Starbucks closing next month

That lovely New Orleans Starbucks is going to close next month. The Canal Street Starbucks store has opened almost a decade ago and I find it sad that it's closing on October 3rd. Starbucks is facing many issues right now.

Goodbye Whole Foods!

It's official then, the Englewood Whole Foods Market that opened a few years ago is closing in a couple of months. It's closing in November 13th. The store at 832 W 63rd Street will be missed. At least I will miss it.

Yes it's closed.

OfficeMax in Mechanicsburg closed in 2018. I don't know why but I remember that a lot of people were upset. I was too but in the end you have to realize that some stores will close sooner rather than later in the end. This store was one of them.

Greeley Car Toys

A great store with a great selection. It has everything you will ever need located in one tidy location. What more could you want? Well, I would appreciate if Car Toys won't close this Greeley location any time soon. Business is great and everyone... —  read more