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JCPenney's fall from grace is hard to watch. My cousin informed me that he got the boot in the recent layoffs the company just had. He took it hard. I feel so bad for everyone. 650 jobs cut, just like that.

H&M closings

Supposedly the coronavirus-related lockdowns had a huge impact on the company, as expected. H&M isn't the only company that suffered but it looks like that it's one of the many that just couldn't suppress the store closings that followed because of... —  read more 

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No wonder it's gone

Just checked to see if it was true and it is apparently - McDonald's closed in Grayling MI. No wonder it closed. I don't know what went wrong in the end with that place but the quality of that McDonald's went down the toilet, sadly.

Miami Wendy gone

This closure went right under my radar. Wendy's on 6601 SW 57th Avenue closed permanently. What went wrong? I didn't expect this. From what I gathered most people liked this place. Huh.

Denny's closed in Madison FL

I liked their menu a lot. It was a regular ol' Denny's but still special in a way. Though I do agree with the majority that the service at 6190 S State Rd 53 was too slow. Sometimes it just wasn't worth the wait.

It shouldn't have closed

This is old news and an old wound but I can't help to bring it up again. I just don't get why Stonestown Galleria Olive Garden had to close. It seemed always busy or did I imagine things? I know for a fact that the food was out of this world. What is... —  read more 

When did McDonald's close?

The best cheeseburger in Florida was @ 44400 Hwy 27 in Davenport. The fries were nice too. Not that greasy at all. What happened? When did it close? I could swear it was open before the pandemic hit. Am I remembering things wrong perhaps?