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Remark about closing pharmacy

I'm disabled senior n not notified By email or anythg of closing. I Went to pharmacy 3 days before OCTOBER 25TH..marked day n Told me basically too bad..wait All get much needed Medicine. It was shock how rude To customers. They blew... —  read more 

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List of OPEN stores

I think the shorter list these days would be Kmart locations that are still standing and not one of the closing stores. It would be nice to know which are still open, though. Is there a place that has an updated list of stores that are still open? I... —  read more 

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rue21 closed in Beaverton

The rue21 in Beaverton, OR is gone. Very sad but ultimately I knew this would happen. I always did my shopping here even after it came to my attention that the items they sold here were a bit... well, let's say unsatisfactory. The staff was always... —  read more 

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| Regarding rue21

This makes me so sad

My Sears closed last year. It broke my heart when it happened. It's the place I've been shopping at for more than four decades. Yes, I saw it deteriorate over the years but it was still my favorite spot. Seeing that the whole thing is now falling... —  read more 

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| Regarding Sears

Mall Starbucks closes.

Dang, Stamford Town Center has had such bad luck lately. Another anchor tenant leaves and sadly it's Starbucks this time. The closure is permanent. The mall could theoretically recover from this but I don't see that happening personally. This is the... —  read more