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Best Buy in Carbondale closing as well

Best Buy is closing the Carbondale location. No idea why the company is doing this. Never liked the store that much myself. It was a bit too overpriced for my liking. Never wanted it to close though.

Johnstown Pa loss of Salvation Army

To me Johnstown suffered a huge blow when the Salvation Army store on Eisenhower Boulevard closed on March 1st. 20 years of serving the community and the people who need it the most. Gone now. How depressing.

Chicago can't catch a break as Express closes

Express closed the Mag Mile store and I can't help but think that Chicago just can't seem to catch a break with all these store closings. But I guess it's the same as everywhere else. I don't know why but the closings seem more severe here than... —  read more 

Tri-County Mall Macy's is closing next month.

Sometimes I can't help but think that I was the only person who liked that store. Yeah, yeah that is unlikely but whenever I mention that the Tri-County Mall store is closing in April, everyone just shrugs. Maybe that's just the reaction my friends... —  read more 

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Is Best Buy really closing in New York?

I wish that wasn't true but it seems that they are in fact closing one store in New York this year. Does anyone know which one it is? Maybe they won't close it... fingers crossed.

Andalusia AL - more than just a business

When the Andalusia store closed I felt such sadness overcome me. It's kinda stupid since it's just a store but for many, that JCPenney wasn't just a business. I felt like it was part of the town's character and I think many would agree with me.

Closing this April

So yet another anchor store at the Dulles Town Center Mall is closing and this time (unsurprisingly) it's Sears. We all knew this was coming sooner or later. The company wasn't exactly that lucky these past few years and mall stores in general are in... —  read more 

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Silver Springs store closing

The Kmart located at 14014 Connecticut Ave. will be closing next month. That was an average Kmart, all things considered. But still, too bad. There's no exact closing date, though the closing itself should happen sometime mid-April.

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Last month Barnes & Noble in Independence closed

It's unfortunate that after 20 something years of operating that business it had to close rather unceremoniously last month on February 6th. I have my issues with Barnes & Noble but the store across 39th Street from Independence Center was great.

Closed Los Banos JCPENNEY

I miss that store. I know that the store wasn't that liked by other folk but I loved it. Great shopping experience every time I stepped foot in it. God, why did it have to close?

Shockingly, Sterling Ace Hardware closed

This came as a big surprise, at least to me. If you told me that the hardware stores would be closing I would have told you to stop being silly. It was just too sudden and unexpected, the closings I mean.

BI-LO closed and replaced. Happy ending?

Little over a week when BI-LO closed in North Myrtle Beach a new grocer opened up shop - and rebranded the store in fact. Food Lion hired or preserved the employees from the former BI-LO store and the customers didn't have to wait for too long before... —  read more 

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Owensboro losing Hallmark

Upcoming store closure... Hallmark in Wesleyan Park Plaza is soon closing. I understand why they have to do it but it's a bummer. It was the last Hallmark in the area. I doubt that another will open any time soon.

Walmart shouldn't be closing on Shallowford Road

Don't get why Walmart has to close on Shallowford Road, honestly. It's really needed here. Too many grocery stores have closed in East Chattanooga already. We don't have that many options to begin with.

San Francisco's sole Krispy Kreme closed

Dang, I didn't know that the Krispy Kreme in Fisherman's Wharf did so badly financially. I only have positive things to say about that location. The decline in tourism is to blame I guess. Sad!

Pep Boys in Seattle's 4th and Lander CLOSED

I had scheduled an appointment with the Pep Boys shop at 4th & Lander for March 1st, but when I called to confirm, the call was answered at a different location, and they told me that that location had been closed, without previous warning. If I'm... —  read more 

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We needed IGA

I really hate that they close IGA in Lee County because we really needed that store here. I don't like having to drive to Albany to purchase my meat

Why is Best Buy closing a couple of stores

Why are the Brandermill and Mechanicsville stores closing? I think that the Brandermill store at 4931 Commonwealth Centre Parkway closed already (I'm not 100% sure though). I know for certain that the 7297 Battle Hill Drive store in Mechanicsville... —  read more 

Fort Wayne sees Guitar Center close

This is so unfortunate. The Guitar Center at 422 W. Coliseum Blvd. is closing in just a few days. The store is expected to be closed for good on Jan. 30. The lease is expiring and I guess they had their reasons for not renewing it.

Now Closed: Big Lots in Webb City

Webb City Big Lots store at 1899 S Madison St is in fact closed now. Someone said that it could reopen one day. Maybe. But right now it's closed

Greenbriar Mall Macy's is closing?

Macy's closing the Greenbriar Mall store? Really??? Am I understanding this right or did I get it wrong somehow? Honestly I hope I'm not right but the chances of that are slim... Macy's closing 125 stores either way over the next three years so I... —  read more 

Apple closing at the MacArthur Center

The Apple store at the MacArthur Center is closing, permanently. Who's shocked though? After so many safety issues at MacArthur Center, I truly can't blame Apple for finally pulling the plug on that store. Really. No idea when the closing... —  read more 

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Schlotzsky's location closing this week

The owners of the Schlotzsky's on Johnston Street in Lafayette are retiring and now the location is closing this week on February 28. It's bittersweet, I'm sad to see it go but I'm happy that the owners can retire comfortably!

List of closing/closed Francesca's stores

Alabama • Regency Square in Florence Arizona • Aspen Place in Flagstaff • Westgate Outlet in Glendale Arkansas • McCain Mall in North Little Rock • Outlets at Little Rock in Little Rock California • Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula... —  read more 

Fifth Third closing branches

Fifth Third Bank is closing 41 branches. I only know for sure that these branches have closed for sure: Downtown, Atrium Two Building, 221 E. Fourth St. (closed on Jan. 27) Loveland, 800 Loveland-Madeira Road (closed on Jan. 26) ... —  read more 

Colorado Springs: Talbots closes?

Noticed that a few other stores have closed as well, but I'm mostly interested in Talbots. Is the store at the Promenade Shops closed for good or is it perhaps just a temporary thing and not permanent at all? My friend said that they're not returning... —  read more 

Aldo closes in Destiny USA

I shouldn't be surprised that even Aldo is leaving Destiny USA. That place is falling apart. It's really sad when you think about it. Most stores seem to be closing. Aldo is one of them. I can't blame them for deciding to pack their bags and exit the... —  read more 

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Sadly H&M store closed two weeks ago

H&M is the only retailer these days that has very stylish and cute clothing that also happen to carry my size. I'm totally aggravated by them closing stores because of that but I'm most upset by them closing their store in the Briarwood Mall in Ann... —  read more 

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Two Albertsons closed last week

Man, I'm just bothered by this. I thought that the two Albertsons in Irvine were completely fine but nooo apparently every store needs to be closed now. Ugh. I guess it's not so bad since 3931 Irvine Blvd. and 3825 Alton Parkway stores have been... —  read more 


Littman Jewelers closed this month.

Littman Jewelers closed this month. That's unfortunate as I kinda liked that store. I'm not a big fan of the company for many reasons but that store was great. It's sad that Littman is gone from the Westmoreland Mall but as time passed I... —  read more 

Chelmsford, MA CLOSED

Honestly, I feel indifferent to the Chelmsford closure. I realize it's cold of me to feel like that but I can't help with how I feel. That restaurant on Drum Hill Road was great when they first opened but something went wrong down the line and, well... —  read more 

The workers deserve the hero pay

Kroger deciding to close Food 4 Less and Ralphs rather than paying their workers a measly extra $4 is sooo aggravating to me. These people need the extra money and honestly, they deserve it.

This one's closing too. Dang

Sears is closing this store too

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| Regarding Sears

when is it closing

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Sad but true - Littman Jewelers closes

This is just sad to me. I know that sooner or later all older stores will close but this Littman's Jeweler was open since the early 2000s. I loved it. That mall is having a rough time too. So many stores have closed and are probably going to close... —  read more