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A change in plans

Rite Aid at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg will stay open. Rite Aid decided to reverse its decision about closing this specific location. I'm not sure what prompted the change in heart, but I for one am grateful. I do feel awful for all the other... —  read more 

Another TJ Maxx is closing

Add TJ Maxx store at 503 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY to the growing list of closing stores. That's nearly 70 people who now need to look for new jobs. I guess they should be grateful they get to work until January 6, at least they won't be unemployed... —  read more 

Tragic closing

The Rite Aid on 935 North Hollywood Way in Burbank will be missed. It meant a lot to have that store around, it was really convenient for everyone involved. I think the closing was illogical and it just hurt everyone in the end.


It's good to see how The Cheesecake Factory is so stable financially. I hate seeing all these news of all these closings by restaurants and retail chains so to see how Cheesecake is still going strong brings a smile to my face.

Walgreens closed a store

Looks like that Walgreens unwisely chose to close the store that was located at 2829 Division Avenue in Wyoming. It closed recently, on November 9. People say it closed due to financial reasons but I don't believe it. The store was always busy. There... —  read more