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Closing for Save A Lot Save A Lot closed this distribution center. Closed it real quiet too, I didn't even know that this was planned for this location.

JCPenney closing this Spring

JCPenney has released information on its downtown Detroit Lakes store, saying that a closing sale will begin next month on February 1 and that the final day of operation will be May 21. The store will close this Spring...

Closed forever and ever

Dare I say the closing of Washington, DC's Anthropologie store is a tragedy? I know I'm being a tad bit dramatic here but that's how I feel. Where else can I find such cute and stylish clothes that always fit me? H&M? Don't make me laugh.

Closed in Orlando, FL - Subway

The service @ New Broad Street Subway was so slow, everyone worked there at a snail's pace. I guess they were overworked. If that's true, then my heart goes out to them. But that slowness played a role in Subway's closing here in Orlando I think. A... —  read more 

Yes is true

Don't care about small town dealers tbc took over and changed biss plans don't fit smaller towns less than 50.000 pepole don't work

RIP Beverly Grove, LA Petsmart

I've done my shopping for my furbaby at 330 S La Cienega Blvd for almost a decade. Truthfully it stings a bit that it's not open anymore. This closing didn't seem necessary to me, though I suppose I speak from a place of hurt.

Portland, J.Crew To Close

Since the Pioneer Place store underperformed it will be closed later this month on Jan 22. From what I understand the other stores within the Portland area will remain open, which is a small mercy to be sure. Hopefully those stores won't underperform... —  read more