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My store closed down.

My store closed down about a year fter my hubby bought mt a new wedding set, we received no notice, no call no smoke signals......nothing.
I went to get my rings checked you must do for your insurance warranty) and they were gone....I was in there 2 months before and I bought a birthstone ring, I told the lady I wanted white or yellow because Im very alrgic to silver and I want a natural stone, not lab, I was shown Avery nice ring, I asked about stone size and what setting was ,she told me that it was on white gold and nat stone that I asked for, I bought it, I went back to pick it up (sizing) , I tryed it on in about of 3 min I started itching, I took th ring off ,sure enough a burn mark/ rash was forming, got to the bathroon was my hands good came back, and the woman I bought the ring from was there and I asked her how did she know my ring was white gold and nat.stone? (When she handed it yo me out of a tray, she didnt even look at the tab) she said in her most up the nose snooty voice " I'm a trained professional jeweler, i can tell from a glance), well I told her she needed to give me my money back and get retrained because she sold me a silver ring with lab grown stones. Needless to say she wasnt happy, neaither was I,I enened up hav to to see my GP for my finger.
Then The store was closed so now my wedding set is starting to come apart where it was sized. Where do I go,We paid alot of money to warrantys and insurece now nothing.

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Every store had signs up for months that they were closing so not sure how you missed it. Plus they mailed notices to let everyone know that has a warranty.

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You call the customer service number and they will email you a prepaid overnight shipping label. You mail your jewelry to Kentucky and it takes about 3.5 weeks to get it back. I live in Maryland and am actually driving to Delaware when the jeweler is there so I can replace a diamond that fell out of my wedding ring yesterday. I always research before doing anything. I was going to just pay someone to fix it but after researching I found out the Littman's I am going to is only 55 min from my house so that's better than waiting 3.5 weeks! My ring is custom and I put a lab diamond as the center one and I love it. They are real and you can't even tell they are lab grown. Plus they are much cheaper too. It shines just as bright as my other diamonds.

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