Illinois Stores Closing / Shopko 2016

Is there any truth in this wide spread rumor that Shopko may be closing all or some stores in IL? How realistic is this pretty bleak scenario

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  • Shopko is closing 6 stores in Kansas and the only one they have in Oklahoma. The majority were former ALCO stores. They are also closing 32 other stores.


  • Since many of you don't know the private equity group who owns Shopko wants to get rid of there holding. Banks are not working with Shopko knowing that there equity group with file chapter 11 very soon. Big business ruining America and not one thing a republican or democrat can do.

  • Don't know about Illinois but do know that some of the ALCO stores that Shopko took over in Kansas have turned out to be failures due to their high prices and poor choices for store managers. Look to see some close during the first part of 2017.