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They have centers for weight loss all over the place - it's just a matter of time when they will start closing them

It's impossible for Jenny Craig to maintain such a large number of locations - they will start closing them soon, I can bet - I predict that 2017 will be the year when things turn south for Jenny Craig Weight Loss

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Being a former consultant for JC, my hours were severly reduced since last year. Claims of better pay per hour to come, Jan. 1, then they snatched away the hours after Jan. 1 and also decreased the payout for bonuses each month, so the increase in base pay was a joke, just like my gut told me when I first read about it. I just waited for everyone else to see the light. They started making consultants generate even more of their own client business, per hour, just to be on the schedule to be able work. Then, when that goal was met, we still didn't get our hours back to maintain the center objectives welll and meet client needs effectively. Everything changed. We were being pushed into a catch 22 scenario, knowing it was going to only get worse and it did. They pushed us to quit, bent the atmosphere not to make waves, regardless of our lack of income, due to their decreased business, center closings, lawsuits, all of it I guess. Many customer complaints due to Jenny Craig supporting Trump with a fundraiser and the Jenny Craig as a compan, keeping their commercials going during the O'Reiley Factor. It can all be googled, it's not private, company information. We were told to explain the complaints away with a pat answer that made me want to walk out without giving 2 weeks notice, but couldn't, I was barely surviving as it was. Food was very often out of stock, had to give pat explanations to why, to clients and the company took advantage of not implementing half hour mandatory break times. I read back about a class action law suit regarding that, which happened in 2015, yet implementing the half hour breaks continued to be a problem until a couple months ago. So, now, they have themselves covered with that. Wow. They must not think we are smart enough to investigate when things don't make sense. Many consultants never took the time to investigate. Many other law suits were filed over how the food damaged so many client's intestinal tract, gallbladder, etc from years previous. That can be googled as well. I even had clients who told me they were getting sick on the food and ended up quitting. I wish I would have known that or I would not have applied to work there. I was very good at consulting and the company threw me and other consultants to the wolves. I did not mention a whole lot more here and I won't. My severe lack of hours has left me fighting for new employment and trying not to lose more, being now behind on house payments and bills. I had to take a huge leap of faith and get out of there. I was not going to go against my morals,, nor going down with yet another sinking ship. The loss of hours was explained in very specific detail that led many to believe it was very plausible to think the worst by many. I'm not going to post exactly what was said. I'm not going to set myself in that position nor give them any reason to do so either. And yes, there is an arbitration agreement to sign by all employees. I'm just waiting for the retribution anyway, for knowing and speaking the truth, always finds a way to bite me in the a–, while those who should be held accountable, slide under the radar. I suffered through enough of that while I was employed there. Many upset clients across the board and I don't blame any one of them. I shared my expertise and retained a great number of close client relationships. Now, that's gone and they are upset that I lleft. If they only knew... I couldn't and didn't tell them the truth. I retained my professionalism in that. I wonder how that could be appreciiated, if at all by JC. After all this time, I am starting all over again with a previous employer, being JC, and it's hard as hell. An industry in weight loss, that is no longer in such high demand, using consultants, as it once was, as people are doing things more on their own and doing it without processed foods and high costs to boot. Shame on all who were a part of the double talk of what was going on with this company and putting too many of us through this So, I am trusting that airing my honest and verifiable grievances will not be taken for more than just that. I as well as many others had a horrible experience, undeserved and not to take any of what I am stating as a threat... just in case someone from this company decides to display maliscious, unwarranted intent. I have been advised that attorney counsel will shut that down if they pursue that course of action. What stress! I have never posted anything like this before, yet I felt it was healing for me to do so, to keep pushing on and let some things go. Companies that do this, turn people's lives into chaos and should exercise more caution when handling things of such serious nature. I have NO money to sue, nor the capacity to continue on what was started by those other than me. The past is the past yet, II will be watching for what comes down the pike. I have a feeling I got out just in the knick of time. Please pray that I am employed soon, with benefits, at a thriving company who truly care for those they serve and that no ill intent comes my way. I"ve suffered enough. Thank you for anyone who takes the time to read this.

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