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How to combat an Amazon attack - no future for Fry's

Not sure how Fry's will handle this - I think they will close most of the stores. I was in a store yesterday, bought a network switch, an extension cord (APC), a smart bulb set and a memory card. Every single item was cheaper on Amazon - significantly. Fry's matches Amazon prices and they honored the promise, I ended up paying about 29% less in total - but, it was a hustle - I had to prove that I have prime, on one item the manager was summoned to determine if the item was 3rd party or Amazon (it was clearly Amazon but it gave me about $20 savings so the clerk was reluctant to give it to me)...

To top this off, the sales clerk was going to go to lunch and he hated the fact that I requested that they match prices - it slowed everything down and it was cutting in his lunch time - I get that but I really do not care about it as I just want to be serviced, in the end, I am paying for his salary in a way.

Anyhow, it's not good for Fry's - they will have to shrink profit margins and they will not be able to match Amazon when it comes to customer service - so overall I think they will close every single store (I shop in Fountain Valley, CA) - I am sorry for the associates but the brutal fact is that they will have to adopt or die and it looks to me like Fry's is dying and closing all the stores they have.

I hope I am wrong.

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