i hope the west seneca store closes

this store is still open hard to belive the people who work there have no idea whats going on they wander off when your at checkout they talk to you while your checking out I do not care about you do not care about your problems so just do your job and keep your life to yourself they tell you to go to the front desk to check out the front desk people are miserable tell you to back in line I am not a checkout I have left my full cart in line or at front desk walked out of store others also followed me out close this store its a mess

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  • It is closing. I hope Walmart buys it out and opens up a store there.

  • Ive never seen that happen at Kmart. Ive seen it elsewhere

  • I don’t get you. What will you get if they close? If your annoyed at shopping their that idk maybe DONT GO THEIR! Duh

  • Sounds the same as the one by my place. Luckily it's finally closing soon.