KFC Location Closures in 2017

I'd like to start a thread where we can list all KFC locations that will be closed in 2017. If you know of any, reply to this thread and let's see what we can document. They silently close locations, they will allways tell you what location KFC opens but you will rarely hear about any store closings by KFC and you will not see any lists floating around.

Anyhow, if you know about store or stores that have been closed recently (2017) or that may be closing soon please note: - Store City - Store Address - Store Closure Date

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  • Waterloo, NY KFC just closed. Has a condemned sticker on door

  • Lake Charles ,Lafayette, Morgan City, Houma, Louisiana KFC stores are closed

  • payson, az june 2017

  • Durango Colorado. 2933 main ave. 31 may 2017

  • Kettering silver Street. Open one day. Good the next

  • LA - Willowbush - Closed 4/2017

  • Shepherds Bush, Uxbridge Road - There one day, gone the next!

  • 7719 Rogers Ave Fort Smith, AR 72903 End of February, 2017

  • West Norwood in London closed down