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Will this store be closing within a few months?

I heard this one dude say that this store will be gone within a few months but he didn't explain why he believes that will happen. Does anyone know why he would think this? To be fair, it's also possible that I could have misheard him too, but I could swear he was talking about Plymouth.

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I do t know about Hermantown, but the store in Lakeville is much the same way. Shelves empty (very little restocking), cheap junk, 1-3 checkout lanes open. Sad.

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They should close it. More and more, the shelves are just empty. Auto service is getting kind of sketchy..... rearranged a lot of shelves and decent, standard products that they have sold for years are being replaced with some unheard of Chinese junk. NEVER more than 3 checkouts open. Something is going on there and it shows....big time. I feel bad but I have heard a few say that it is on the list to be bulldozed

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