Fred's closing ALL of their stores due to bankruptcy!!!

I had a hunch that this would happen but nevertheless, I was still really shocked to learn of this.

Fred's will close all of their locations after they have filed for bankruptcy this week on Monday.

Horrible news, just horrible.

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  • That's so rude. A lot of people care what happens with their favorite stores.

  • Who cares what happens to Fred's

  • Is filing for bankruptcy the only answer? There are so many Fred's stores and so many people rely on them

  • when will they be closing

  • All of them? How excessive...

  • I am not surprised either

  • My jaw hit the floor! No way!!!

  • Is it really that unbelievable? I saw this coming a mile away. My heart goes out to the employees, the layoffs will be intense.

  • I just saw the news. RIP Fred's, this is unbelievable.