Is White Castle in Centereach closed?

Can someone tell me if the White Castle location at 2201 Middle Country Rd in Centereach, NY is closed for good or just temporarily? Nobody is picking up my calls and whomever I ask about this place doesn't know anything.

I like it a lot and I would hate if it's closed for good.

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  • Bummer!

  • I work for this White Castle and I can tell you they are only renovating but then the pandemic hit. We were supposed to be back in September but I haven’t gotten any updates from my manager

  • YES it's closed GOD how aggravating!!!!

  • Too bad!!!!! Best place to grab a bite

  • Closed

  • Started major renovation then the virus hit

  • The building is gone-looks like it was lifted up and moved to an unknown location. Comack seems like the only alternative,

  • Centereach White Castle sucks anyway

  • Called another WC and they said the store is just getting renovations. Will be back soon...

  • I recall seeing a permit application some months ago, hopefully just a renovation.

  • I only just found out that it closed. Thanks for all the information here guys. It's possible that it's closed only for renovations but I worry that White Castle will leave that spot for good instead.

  • Hey! It's mighty kind of you to shed more light on this situation. It's hard to guess what's going on when there's no official confirmation. Personally, I will wait it out and see if it's closed for good or only for renovations. I hope it's true, too. I love White Castle.

  • Hi I was told a couple of years ago by a manger there that 2020 it was slated for renovation. I can’t confirm that now but I was told that. Hopefully it’s truth .

  • I asked them in a PM on Facebook, but they haven't replied. It would be a shame if they are closed for good. I hope they reopen in a nearby location.

  • Can confirm that it's closed. I'm crossing my fingers that they are renovating but in all likelihood that's not happening and they're just packing their bags and leaving that location.

  • Yep it's closed. I'm confused too I really dunno why they closed so abruptly.

  • Just drove past it, its fenced off and they're gutting it. What happened? There was no warning or anything. They had been there for so many years.

  • I'm pretty sure that it's closed for good. Could be mistaken tho'.