Topics regarding store closing at 7 Eleven

Topics regarding store closing at 7 Eleven

Lights off - 7 Eleven in Temecula

I think the reason the 7 Eleven at 41125 Winchester Rd in Temecula closed is because it was located on quite the inconvenient location. I personally always forgot it existed. They must have struggled with money. That's my theory at least.

Washington lost a 7-11 store!

Washington, DC lost a 7-11 store! Though to be fair, "lost" is a strong word. It was just a simple 7-11 store with a few issues to boot so I don't think you could argue that anything of value was lost but still, it was on a convenient location (on... —  read more 

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7-Eleven closed early in Kent

This was a while back, earlier this year I think, the 7-Eleven in Kent had closed all of a sudden. I think it was kinda shocking considering how nice this store was. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but no store is. I wonder why they decided to pack their... —  read more 

FL, 7-Eleven opens

Alongside a convenience store it will have a gas station and a car wash, which isn't unusual - but it's welcome anyway. They've been looking for busy trade areas and I think they might hit the mark with this second Parrish location. How is their... —  read more 

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