Topics regarding store closing at 7 Eleven

Topics regarding store closing at 7 Eleven

Is my 7-Eleven closing?

What are some general signs that a store is on its way to close? Like if the store itself looks messy and so on, are those signs that things aren't okay and the store is preparing to close? I live in LA and the 7-Eleven on my street looks really... —  read more 

Lights off - 7 Eleven in Temecula

I think the reason the 7 Eleven at 41125 Winchester Rd in Temecula closed is because it was located on quite the inconvenient location. I personally always forgot it existed. They must have struggled with money. That's my theory at least.

Washington lost a 7-11 store!

Washington, DC lost a 7-11 store! Though to be fair, "lost" is a strong word. It was just a simple 7-11 store with a few issues to boot so I don't think you could argue that anything of value was lost but still, it was on a convenient location (on... —  read more 

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7-Eleven closed early in Kent

This was a while back, earlier this year I think, the 7-Eleven in Kent had closed all of a sudden. I think it was kinda shocking considering how nice this store was. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but no store is. I wonder why they decided to pack their... —  read more 

FL, 7-Eleven opens

Alongside a convenience store it will have a gas station and a car wash, which isn't unusual - but it's welcome anyway. They've been looking for busy trade areas and I think they might hit the mark with this second Parrish location. How is their... —  read more 

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