Topics regarding store closing at ALDI

Topics regarding store closing at ALDI

Terrible service

I will not be surprise if they close Yesterday October 26 at around 6:00 pm I was getting in line to pay for the little items I have and people in the line told me it was only one line for 2 registers open minutes later people just got in any lines... —  read more 

Not sure why ALDI closed

I was hesitant to buy at ALDI's at first but when I set foot in the Lacey's Spring store I became a fan. There's a lot of great stores in Alabama and I think ALDI was one of the best, which is why I'm honestly disappointed that the store closed for... —  read more 

The closed Pleasant Hills Aldi shows that the chain isn’t perfect – and that’s okay.

My friends - a huge Aldi fan - recommended me this store and I can say that he was blind to the faults of the Pleasant Hills Aldi. A lot of things about the Audrey Dr location just bothered me (the parking, the disorganized shelves etc) and you know... —  read more 

When did ALDI close?

Can someone please enlighten me? When did Aldi on Dublin Rd close? How did that happen? That was the Aldi in Limerick by the way. It was closed before the quarantine happened so I don't think that was the reason for its demise.

Painful closing of an Aldi store

I never understood the hype surrounding Aldi but after going to their Clearwater store in Florida I fell almost half in love with the chain. That's why it pains me that they closed it. Maybe they will reopen it someday? One can hope.

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Aldi closing stores in 2020?

I'm really interested in knowing whether Aldi will close any stores in 2020? I see announcements of them opening stores all across the country but I think the stores that will close are in California. That's just a guess though, nothing more.

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Aldi closing store next month

When I found out about this I was a bit dumbfounded. I don't get why they would leave such a relatively profitable location. When I read about their reasoning, it made more sense to me. Apparently, their existing space isn't flexible enough to... —  read more 

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Aldi store closings in Arkansas

I am deeply invested in Aldi and I am worried about any and all store closings they might be having. I would hate them to close any stores they have that are located in Arkansas. Does anyone have any information on whether they will close any stores... —  read more 

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kennet aldi

kennett missouri aldi. is it true that it is going to shutter next year can somebody confirm this info or deny it? i hope so badly that it is not true and that it just a false alarm or maybe a misunderstanding. i hate when aldi shutters stores

Miss them still

I still miss this store from time to time. Their shuttering was such an inconvenience to me it is unbelievable. I relied on this store quite a bit and I had such a hard time to find quality replacement stores after their shuttering.

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