Topics regarding store closing at Applebee's

Topics regarding store closing at Applebee's

Chelmsford, MA CLOSED

Honestly, I feel indifferent to the Chelmsford closure. I realize it's cold of me to feel like that but I can't help with how I feel. That restaurant on Drum Hill Road was great when they first opened but something went wrong down the line and, well... —  read more 

Applebee’s closings in 2021

Can anyone please tell me if there's going to be any more closings next year? I just can't entertain the thought any longer that Applebee's will close even more of my favorite restaurants. This year's closings were hard on me already.

Fort Worth closed

I heard that Applebee's closed in Fort Worth and that's such a shame, isn't it? I don't really like their other restaurants but this one was pretty sweet. Too bad it closed now. Does anyone know when it will reopen again?

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