Topics regarding store closing at Belk

Topics regarding store closing at Belk


The Columbiana mall Belk has so many problems. It's one thing after another from descrimination to homeless people in closets for days and now dead people. Yes recently a janitor was found in the family bathroom on the first floor dead. And that's... —  read more 

So dissatisfied with Belk

I say this both as a former customer and as a (soon to be former) employee. Belk has disappointed me so much these last couple of years. The stores I've worked in Virginia were always disorganized and badly managed, they expected so much of us yet... —  read more 

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Belk enters bankruptcy

Belk announced that they will enter bankruptcy recently. With the way their stores have been barely managing lately I had a suspicion something like this might happen. BTW, they didn't say they will be closing stores during this period.

Grateful for Belk Store

PLEASE don’t close our Gautier Belk store!MIMI It’s the only place we can purchase nice clothing, shoes, home goods & cosmetics. I am so grateful to have the store here in Gautier because I am 80 years old, & I am not able to run all up & down the... —  read more 

Prepare for the worst Belk

Belk is going through a crisis and I fear that it will only get worse from here. I've seen stores close silently and people complain about the customer service all the time. On top of that their stores aren't busy anymore because of the pandemic and... —  read more 

North Dallas Belk store gone

Kinda annoyed with my friends that they did not bother to tell me that the Belk at 13350 Dallas Pkwy in Dallas closed. It happened in March if I remember correctly. I heard it is nothing related to COVID-19 but that the store allegedly... —  read more 

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Belk's closings

Belk would benefit from being honest with us and just admit that they're closing stores... I would be even fine with denial. The thing is, any communication with their loyal customers would be better. One thing is for sure they would also benefit... —  read more 

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