Topics regarding store closing at Best Buy

Topics regarding store closing at Best Buy

Favorite store will be gone

My favorite store will be gone and I do not think that it is very likely that they will be opening in the area any time soon. Maybe in the distant future, but sadly for now, Mason City will be losing this November the really great Best Buy.

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Best Buy leaving Prattville AL

Even though I am deeply saddened to hear that this will be happening, I saw this coming a mile away anyway. I knew this store would be closing, however, I would have never guessed that it would be so soon. On October 7th the Best Buy in Prattville... —  read more 

Best Buy will be in Bristol

Best Buy will open a 30,000 square-foot retail store in Bristol, Tennessee but there is no exact date yet set for its opening. I have some issues with Best Buy but none of them are too big for me to not go to its grand opening when it happens... —  read more 

Howell, NJ store closing

Best Buy is closing Howell, NJ store. Around thirty full time in addition to part-time employees are being laid off, but at least they are given a chance to apply for jobs in nearby stores. Hopefully some will get them.

Another Best Buy closing

Best Buy is closing one of its central Arkansas stores, the one at the Alcoa Crossings shopping center in Benton. Final day will be November 2. Good luck to all employees in finding a new position before then.

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