Topics regarding store closing at Burger King

Topics regarding store closing at Burger King

Burger King bias

I feel like a lot of folks have a bias towards Burger King. Take for example the recently closed Burger King in Nashville Tennessee. It was nothing special yet folks all over were crying it closed.

Burger King closing

The Burger King on 481 E Shaw Ave in Fresno sadly closed down. I can't remember when it happened but maybe it is for the best. The way it struggled by the end wasn't a pretty sight. Maybe Burger King could learn from this mistake and upgrade the... —  read more 

Terrible service

I'm not surprised that so many are closing. I don't go as often as I used to because they have terrible service from rude employees. It's become the local joke that it doesn't matter what you order from them because its always a surprise when you... —  read more 

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