Topics regarding store closing at Carl's Jr

Topics regarding store closing at Carl's Jr


Stopped here on a trip to see family. The service was quick but a little inattentive. (Go through the movements.) This is the general manager, by the way. A couple and a family of three were eating. When we ordered and then received our drinks, we... —  read more 

Closed in Gilbert

My friends hate when I go on by Carl's Jr rants so I have to vent here. When I criticize them, I am not hating by any means, I just want them to improve their customer service and how they prepare their food. It is too late for this location... —  read more 

When did the Carl's Jr close?

I am wondering if anyone knows when did the Carl's Jr in San Diego close? The shabby looking one on Mission Center Road? They really seemed to always be in a rough patch... though their grilled sandwiches were out of this world.

Carl's Jr shuttered in Garland

The Carl's Jr in Garland, TX was a hit or miss. Their burgers were still great, but some other dishes on their menus were not good at all. I only stuck with their burgers so in my book they were alright and I was a little sad when they closed in late... —  read more 

Carl’s Jr closed

The Richmond Carl's Jr is closed! Had no idea - did it close in the past few months or something? The service was great and you didn't have to wait for your food for too long... I can only say good things about this restaurant, so what went wrong?? —  read more 

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