Topics regarding store closing at Dollar General

Topics regarding store closing at Dollar General

Dollar General closures MD?

Anyone know if Dollar General closed any stores in Maryland? Camp Springs? Anything? My friend told me he passed by a closed Dollar General but I think it's only a temporary thing. Maybe they were just cleaning the store.

215 lightwood Rd. Deatsville Al. 36022 was locked and had a sign closed!!

What is happening to Dollar General stores? They are clean, very busy all the time but clean! There are days when shipments come in no room in the aisles, but we the customer do our best to not bother the folks working very hard. But if I can't... —  read more 

Bad Store

This store is really bad. Way to much inventory, stock on the floors, aisles, upper shelves. Containers with products parked everywhere. The store manager has no clue how to run a business. Store is typically dirty and do not dare to use the... —  read more 

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