Topics regarding store closing at Dressbarn

Topics regarding store closing at Dressbarn

Entering the new decade

What other stores have such great prices and also carry my size? What other chains have such stylish but affordable outfit choices for everyday people? I'm just drawing a blank. The 2020s will be lost in terms of retail without Dressbarn.

Why is everyone so upset???

Why are so many people so outraged by Dressbarn closing all of their stores??? Why are so many people acting like that is the only chain in the country that exists??? I don't get it. They're just closing stores, get a grip.

The Dressbarn in Rochester

I always knew that Dressbarn might close some or even half of their stores but I would have never guessed to see them close ALL of them altogether. Especially their super-popular and well-performing Rochester store. Times are a-changin'.

Dressbarn will continue to live on

I know that these closures are truly depressing to the large majority of us but I think that we shouldn't have such an apocalyptic mindset when talking about Dressbarn. They still will continue to live on through their eCommerce business ventures.

One word: depressing

There is genuinely only one single word to describe the situation that happened to Dressbarn: depressing. Such a quality company that consistently offered such great fashion for many to fall so far from grace. I'm sorry - how is that not depressing? —  read more 

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