Topics regarding store closing at Easy Spirit

Topics regarding store closing at Easy Spirit

San Mateo store closed

Easy Spirit in Hillsdale Shopping Center closed a year or so ago. Why did that happen? How many Easy Spirit stores are even left in San Mateo? Don't tell me this was the last one. That's horrible if true.

Deer Park NY closed

There's no longer an Easy Spirit in Deer Park? That's interesting. I'm noticing that the company's popularity is fizzling out, slowly but surely. Probably why they closed that store. I haven't seen that many Easy Spirit in other places in NY these... — read more 

So many mediocre stores are still open but this fantastic one had to close. It's not fair.

Why in the world would this store go under? Why in the world would they close their Deer Park store like this? They undoubtedly had one of the best selection of items of any shoe store. There are so many mediocre stores that are still open so why did... — read more 

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