Topics regarding store closing at Express

Topics regarding store closing at Express

One Express in NY gone

Even though it was an excellent store I cannot go and say that I did not see this closing coming. For whatever reason the Express at 477 Madison Ave just didn't see much foot traffic. I am curious as to why. Is every Express seeing a lack of foot... —  read more 

Express closure in Blossom Valley

When did the Express in the Oakridge Mall close exactly? I was shopping there nonstop before this doomed virus outbreak hit San Jose but I'm not sure the date of its closing. I'm really curious. Does anyone have more information?

Express will close 100 stores

I couldn't believe this when I heard this from my cousin. I was incredibly shocked to hear of it! No, really! Express closing a few stores here and there I could understand but 100 of them??? They expect 100 of their stores to be closed by 2022!

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Express shuttering in Newport

Saw on Facebook that Express will shutter at the end of this month in downtown Newport. It's their 144 Thames Street store. It was on a such nice and convenient location. I personally found it very cute and quaint. Disappointing that this is... —  read more 

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Express leaving Orlando

I had a feeling in my gut that something like this would happen but I had no idea that it would happen so soon. Express - a lovely store by the by - will be shuttering their location at 3201 E Colonial Drive next month. It's not all doom and gloom... —  read more 

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Express store

To say that I am invested in the health of this Express store is to make a big understatement: I truly adore this store but I have to put my rose-colored glasses away and face reality. I noticed a dip in quality lately and I'm wondering if they will... —  read more 

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