Topics regarding store closing at Forever 21

Topics regarding store closing at Forever 21

Inner Harbor Forever 21

Did the Forever 21 on 200 E Pratt St in Baltimore close before or during the pandemic? All I remember from that store is that it was in sooo messy. Maybe those were simply the signs that the store would close?

Forever 21 closing in Michigan

One of my favorite chains will close this month my favorite store of all time. It's the Forever 21 in the Genesee Valley Center in Flint. It's been a tough period in my life and that store was one of my few reprieves.

Regency mall losing Forever 21

The Regency mall in Henrico will see their best store close soon. The two-level Forever 21 will be leaving the mall before too long. I know that my nostalgia is making me biased but I loved that store quite a lot. Spent most of the 2010s there.

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