Topics regarding store closing at Golfsmith

Topics regarding store closing at Golfsmith

Golfsmith Palm Beach Store to close? The deadline for the decision was 11/1 - any updatess?

OK - I heard the stories, the sport is dying, yada, yada... But I beg to differ, and I think that there is a ton of potential in Golf - it's a 20 billion dollar business after all. Anyhow, any updates about this Palm Beach Golfsmith closing in 2016... —  read more 

I thought BK was already done

And that all Golfsmith stores are closing, I may be wrong, will have to research this a bit - it'd be great if there was a huge sale - I loved the store, Golfsmith was always great and I hope there will be no layoffs

Golfsmith Closing

Now, in light of recent sports store closures (Sports Authority and Sport Chalet) - would it be reasonable to assume that Golfsmith may be closing the shop soon? I am talking about possible bankruptcy and closure of all GS stores - I have no insider... —  read more 

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