Topics regarding store closing at Hobby Lobby

Topics regarding store closing at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby stands strong

You know what's incredible? Hobby Lobby has a track record that just speaks volumes. While other businesses struggle and fail and close their doors and claim bankruptcy - what does Hobby Lobby do? It stands strong, unwavering. They've got a knack for... —  read more 

Hobby Lobby in Colerain Ohio

I'm so curious about the Hobby Lobby store in Colerain Ohio. Does anyone have any details on what's going on with that store? Is it still closed? Will it close for good? I hope it won't close but you never know with these chains.

Bye Hobby Lobby

They closed this year all of a sudden. It was a really cool store but the lack of open cash registers (or cashiers? Then hire more cashiers!) was incredibly annoying. I would spend five minutes shopping and then spending 15 minutes waiting in line... —  read more 

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