Topics regarding store closing at HomeGoods

Topics regarding store closing at HomeGoods


I remember a time when Homegoods was packed to the brim with people eagerly buying this left and right but these days... damn these days I barely see a single soul do some shopping here. What happened?

HomeGoods closed on Cicero Avenue

The HomeGoods on Cicero Avenue in Burbank IL closed last year. I was not surprised when I found out about this since I always thought that the HomeGoods might close sooner rather than later. Don't get me wrong though. It was a good store.

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Homegoods closed in Las Vegas

Homegoods in Las Vegas has closed for good last year in March. 6680 N Durango Dr was a wonderful store and I miss it to this day but I think that Homegoods itself has moved to another location. Is that true or not?

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Call to action!

Any sensible people with good taste? This is the store for you. I am imploring anyone who likes shopping to try out this store, it is probably the best store in the area right now. I'm worried that people aren't shopping here often, so this is a call... — read more 

Don't Go

Let us not let them close this store please. Very good location and their inventory is great as well. If they do decide to close it then they need to find a replacement store for this one as soon as possible.

It’s just not fair

I wish everyone would address the ageism problem we have at Homegoods. Just because an employee is younger, doesn't mean they're better. They don't have the experience we do and trying to lay off the older folks for no reason other than to make room... — read more 

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