Topics regarding store closing at Kmart

Topics regarding store closing at Kmart


This is sad in every way possible. Kmart really is dead and it's never coming back again. This store like a lot of others have closed.

List of OPEN stores

I think the shorter list these days would be Kmart locations that are still standing and not one of the closing stores. It would be nice to know which are still open, though. Is there a place that has an updated list of stores that are still open? I... — read more 

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Silver Springs store closing

The Kmart located at 14014 Connecticut Ave. will be closing next month. That was an average Kmart, all things considered. But still, too bad. There's no exact closing date, though the closing itself should happen sometime mid-April.

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Kmart Memories

One of my earliest memories is going to the Kmart store in my neighborhood with my grandpa. It was a rather simple bonding experience compared to what other kids did with their grandparents (visiting amusement parks, going to the movies and so on)... — read more 

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