Topics regarding store closing at O'Charley's

Topics regarding store closing at O'Charley's

Worrying about O'Charley's

I have a lot of love for this company but I have to take off my rose colored glasses and see the chain for what it is - a chain that struggles like any other business during this pandemic. Will they survive or...? I'm so worried.

O'Charley's left Charlotte

O'Charley's has left Charlotte on University City Blvd which is a bit of a pity if you ask me. It wasn't a perfect restaurant by no means and I am not implying otherwise, but it was a good enough place to spend your money. The food was fine.

O'Charley's shuttered

This place has shuttered a few weeks ago. Not much to say except that there are much better O'Charley's restaurants and that this was not a huge loss. I will miss it nevertheless, because it was my usual hangout in Hendersonville, TN.

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