Topics regarding store closing at Olive Garden

Topics regarding store closing at Olive Garden

Am I missing something?

I've never quite grasped the appeal of Olive Garden. For example, the pasta dishes taste like something I could whip up at home without much effort. So what's the point to go there and eat an overpriced meal I could have cooked for myself at the... — read more 

Olive Garden in 2022?

What's going to happen to the company next year? How many restaurants will close, if any? Personally, I think that the first half of 2022 will be pretty good but after that, I'm not sure. It all depends on whether this covid thing will continue then. — read more 

This year + Olive Garden

Olive Garden will always be one of my favorite chains in existence. I heard that they have been struggling though I don't see it myself. All the restaurants seem fine by me. Hopefully, I'm right and they won't close any of them this year.

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