Topics regarding store closing at Olive Garden

Topics regarding store closing at Olive Garden

Olive Garden in 2022?

What's going to happen to the company next year? How many restaurants will close, if any? Personally, I think that the first half of 2022 will be pretty good but after that, I'm not sure. It all depends on whether this covid thing will continue then. —  read more 

This year + Olive Garden

Olive Garden will always be one of my favorite chains in existence. I heard that they have been struggling though I don't see it myself. All the restaurants seem fine by me. Hopefully, I'm right and they won't close any of them this year.

Olive Garden ???

If they close any more of their restaurants I Will Lose It! Olive Garden is my guilty pleasure - please don't close your restaurants anymore! Enough with the closures! I beg yall! !

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