Topics regarding store closing at Panera Bread

Topics regarding store closing at Panera Bread

Alliance OH closure

I always knew that the Panera Bread @ 1670 W State St would close and lo and behold it sure did. I'm not happy about this however, I wished they could stay open. If that Panera Bread could have been managed a little better it would still be open... —  read more 

Gone (Airline Drive Panera Bread)

The Panera Bread on Airline Drive in Bossier closed. There's another one in Shreveport on East 70th St which is still open (I think) so I don't think this was a huge loss but I'm curious nevertheless. Why did it close? Does anybody know?

Panera Bread closed permanently at the corner of Main Street and Ann Arbor Trail

I am sadly not surprised that the Downtown Plymouth Panera Bread closed over the summer. While I had a few lovely evenings there with my family and friends, overall the location just was mediocre and I knew that because of that it wouldn't stay... —  read more 

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