Topics regarding store closing at PetSmart

Topics regarding store closing at PetSmart

RIP Beverly Grove, LA Petsmart

I've done my shopping for my furbaby at 330 S La Cienega Blvd for almost a decade. Truthfully it stings a bit that it's not open anymore. This closing didn't seem necessary to me, though I suppose I speak from a place of hurt.

PetSmart closed in June 2020

I found the closing of PetSmart in Philly on Chestnut Street to be one of the worst decisions any company could have done. The groomers were wonderful and the store was so well organized. My dog loved it at that store and even my grandma's spoiled... —  read more 

Petsmart needs to stop

This is getting outrageous I am fuming as I type this I literally don't see how they're getting away with this for so long. Petsmart NEEDS to do some changes regarding their groomers I hear so many poor pets getting hurt by their lack of... —  read more 

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Petsmart Closures?

I do not know how true these rumors are but I see no harm in asking for some confirmation. I heard some rumors about that some possible closures are coming to Petsmart in early 2020. I do not see that happening to them personally, but could it happen... —  read more 

Petsmart Store Cuts

I overheard someones say that some store cuts will be coming to Petsmart and that this store will be among the first that will close. Is that true or false? Hope it's not true. This Petsmart is in a such convenient location for me whenever I am in... —  read more 

Petsmart deserves its success

Petsmart is amazing. Caring and providing for pets while also being successful at it - what is not great about that? They are doing great business and I do not see them closing any of their locations anytime soon.

Petsmart groomers

Petsmart is a nice place, but their grooming services are subpar. Why does my Yorkie look like a failed 80s rockstar every time I bring him from the groomers? And they don't even cut their nails completely. What a joke.

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