Topics regarding store closing at P.F. Chang's

Topics regarding store closing at P.F. Chang's

PF Chang's Hype

I don't get the fuss at all. The hype is totally lost on me. Like what's so special about PF Chang's? It's better to support smaller businesses that serve Asian food than this big corporation that fails at health inspections most of the time than... — read more 

This one closed too.

Another Jackson restaurant had closed, though I had a much more higher opinion of the Outback Steakhouse location than of this one. P.F. Changs is a good chain but their Jackson MI locale left much to be desired. I never felt truly comfortable while... — read more 


What happened to the CHICKEN ROLLS? There are a lot of people who don't eat pork! The veggie rolls and spring rolls are okay, but those CHICKEN ROLLS were fantastic! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! I can ear those with the garlic spinach or the soups.

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