Topics regarding store closing at Price Chopper

Topics regarding store closing at Price Chopper

Is it just me?

Is it just my imagination or is this store looking a lil' empty these days? Fingers crossed that doesn't mean that their business is failing. I wouldn't like to hear that they will be closing any time soon.

Price Chopper in Cortland

This Price Chopper is closed. I don't think they could afford its upkeep so they closed it, but that's just what I'm thinking. I remember it was dimly lit, I felt like I was in a bad film noir - I just waited for Humphrey Bogart to come out of the... —  read more 

Price Chopper #42 in Catskill NY for the past 2 months have been just Horrible.

Last month I purchased 10 Sunday ice cream cups when I got them home 4 had the safety seal broken addition I had a LG brick of sharp cheese I open it to freeze half only to find mold growing all along the side. Prior to that I ran in to pick... —  read more 

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