Topics regarding store closing at Rite Aid

Topics regarding store closing at Rite Aid

Heartless sort

The bigwigs at the top really have no empathy towards the common man. Shutting down pharmacies that serve entire communities without a second thought is just... heartless.

Sharon closing

Apparently Rite Aid on South Water Street in Sharon is closing down due to all the recent news regarding Rite Aid and their supposed financial loses they have been facing lately. I'm just not sure on when the closing will happen. I wonder if it will... — read more 

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Next week Rite Aid will close on E Third Street and already a lot of the store has been prepared for a clearance sale. They will also be relocating to 1781 Stefko Blvd. This is a bit of an inconvenience but otherwise I think things could have been... — read more 

A change in plans

Rite Aid at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg will stay open. Rite Aid decided to reverse its decision about closing this specific location. I'm not sure what prompted the change in heart, but I for one am grateful. I do feel awful for all the other... — read more 

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Tragic closing

The Rite Aid on 935 North Hollywood Way in Burbank will be missed. It meant a lot to have that store around, it was really convenient for everyone involved. I think the closing was illogical and it just hurt everyone in the end.

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The store seems open now...

For some reason, this store was closed last week. Does anyone know why that happened? I've also seen it being pretty empty these past couple of days as well. I truly hope that doesn't mean that they are preparing to close. That would be horrible.

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