Topics regarding store closing at Rite Aid

Topics regarding store closing at Rite Aid

The store seems open now...

For some reason, this store was closed last week. Does anyone know why that happened? I've also seen it being pretty empty these past couple of days as well. I truly hope that doesn't mean that they are preparing to close. That would be horrible.

Rite Aid shuttering in Goose Hill

Rite Aid in Goose Hill will shutter and - get this - it will most likely be replaced as a Dollar General store. That's the last thing Schenectady needs, for real. We need less dollar stores. That Rite Aid shuttering is unnecessary as well.

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Rite Aid store shuttered

I am reminiscing about the Rite Aid that closed earlier this year in Fremont California on Mowry Avenue. This one lady that worked there was so sweet, she reminded me of my late grandmother (she wasn't elderly just seemed to be an old soul). I wonder... —  read more 

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