Topics regarding store closing at Ross Stores

Topics regarding store closing at Ross Stores

Just... wonderful!

Every visit to their stores felt like a discovery and the chaotic nature just added to the charm! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the customer service is simply out of this world. I love Ross Stores! I'm so glad I rarely see their stores go... — read more 

You should open up!

Your stores and those like them are not even on the list of what's to be closed during this political power grab, here's the official closed list from're not on it: Dine-in restaurants Bars and nightclubs Entertainment... — read more 

Ross Shuttered

I liked this store well enough. I just never got used to how messy it was but I just couldn't resist their prices so I kept coming back to their Mountain View store day after day after day. It's really too bad that they shuttered.

Good job Ross!!!!!

Good job Ross!!! Hat's off to you!!! They will be opening 100 stores this year across 19 states. That's great news for business. I'm currently living in Nebraska and they announced that they will be opening a few stores here. Exciting!!!

Special Ross Store

Huge fan of Ross Dress for Less. My husband hates it when I drag him along on my shopping sprees at Ross, but I love it. This store was special to my heart and it is so sad that they are not open for business anymore.

Ross Stores is very conservative

They care a lot about spend, and they are careful with Real Estate deals, where they rent and buy. I am not sure if they close stores but it's always growing for Ross - they will continue to be the best in this discount retail sector.

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