Topics regarding store closing at Ruby Tuesday

Topics regarding store closing at Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday closed 140+ stores

Not to be melodramatic but Ruby Tuesday is one of my favorite things of all time... seeing them struggle makes my heart ache and I wish the situation was different. I hope they can change things for the better next year.

Ruby Tuesday Cape Coral closed?

Got a message on the group chat that said the Ruby Tuesdays in Cape Coral, Fl has closed and I believe it but I am pretty concerned if it will reopen again. What do y'all think? Will it stay closed or will it reopen soon enough?

Anther one! Ruby Tuesday closes

Good grief another Ruby Tuesday that has closed recently? And permanently at that too? It's so difficult to be a Ruby Tuesday fan these days. You never know when your own restaurant will close like the Sumter one at 1135 Broad St.

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