Topics regarding store closing at Walgreens

Topics regarding store closing at Walgreens

Walgreens Hawaii Kai

Y'all I need to know ASAP if the Walgreens in Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, HI is gonna be closing any time soon I do not want to see that store be closed at any point during this pandemic, it would be completely unacceptable!

Walgreens closing

It has been rumored that the Walgreens located on 2015 East 79th St., in Chicago is closing. A lot of people are talking about it. Just wondering if this is "true"

Walgreens closing in Berkeley?

I heard that the Walgreens will close in March this year on 2190 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, California. Is that true or not? It's entirely possible but I do wish they would replace it with another store as soon as possible.

Walgreens is dishonest

It was completely dishonest for Walgreens to say that they wanted to cause "minimal disruption to customers and patients" when closing their stores and clinics. So many people in need are without a Walgreens in their neighborhoods and they have... —  read more 

Walgreens closing 150 in-store clinics

What in the world is happening with Walgreens lately? They will be closing 150 of their in-store clinics by the end of this year? Can someone explain to me why they chose to do this? Closing stores and now closing their clinics... such buffoonery.

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