Topics regarding store closing at Walgreens

Topics regarding store closing at Walgreens

Walgreens just can't stop

Another store is closing in Milwaukee. The space on Teutonia Avenue and Capitol Drive will shut down on January 15. This is the third Walgreens to close in as many months. What's happening with this company? I understand the need to close... — read more 

Walgreens closed a store

Looks like that Walgreens unwisely chose to close the store that was located at 2829 Division Avenue in Wyoming. It closed recently, on November 9. People say it closed due to financial reasons but I don't believe it. The store was always busy. There... — read more 


Expect even more closings. I'm betting you that the new CEO is going to try to establish themselves by reducing the costs as much as possible as fast as possible. The easiest way to do that is by closing underperforming locations and cutting people... — read more 

Walgreens Hawaii Kai

Y'all I need to know ASAP if the Walgreens in Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, HI is gonna be closing any time soon I do not want to see that store be closed at any point during this pandemic, it would be completely unacceptable!

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