Topics regarding store closing at Which Wich

Topics regarding store closing at Which Wich

Which Wich come back

Seattle misses you. Which Wich @ 4730 University Way. I miss you especially. Please come back. But open on a better location next time maybe? Perhaps that was the issue last time when you closed. Come back and open another store.

Why close? Everyone loved it

Why close this location? If my memory serves me correctly, everyone loved it a lot. Even my mother loved the Fishers Which Wich at Market Square Dr and she hates subs on principle (she thinks it's unhealthy for some reason. I don't get it either).

Which Wich Bloomington

I am really happy that Which Wich is gaining in popularity since they absolutely deserve their positive press! They are here to stay. However, the same cannot be said of their Bloomington location in Minnesota at 2137 W 80 5th St. They have sadly... —  read more 

Which Wich is no longer in Brea

Which Wich made one of the greatest sandwiches I ever ate but sadly the place I'm talking about is not open anymore. For some reason their 437 S Associated Rd location in Brea California closed two months ago, which is too bad.

Which Wich location closed

As far as I was concerended this Which Wich was really outstanding. I couldn't see any fault with it and that's why it's such a bummer to see it closed. Maybe they didn't advertise this place enough - they're not that really well-known after all... —  read more 

Which Wich Midland Tx Closure

Does anyone know why the really sweet Which Wich at 100 N Main Street in Downtown Midland has closed? On July 12? Their other location at the Borgata Shopping Center is still open however so I'm not talking about that one!

Some Which Wich Need To Close

It is imperative that Which Wich closes their mediocre locations so that they can give their full attention to their locations that are ACTUALLY good. Their mediocre ones are dragging them down, there is no way to fixing them.

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