How many times do you go to Home Depot or Lowe's and walk around forever or ask a know nothing employee for help? OSH was great. The employees were helpful and knew where to direct... (Read more)

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  • It is a shame that Lowe's bought OSH. They have been closing other OSH stores in California. The great service... (Read more)

  • Sorry that they are closing and people are losing their jobs but OSH was expensive. Even going in there at... (Read more)

  • I'd like to say sorry to all people who are losing their jobs. That's horrible. I hope all of you... (Read more)

It's too bad. It was a nice store and added value to the neighborhood. I hope they do something positive with that building and it doesn't become a "Junk" Store or 99c Store. That building... (Read more)

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  • I am upset Osh is closing. It's the only Osh in town. Very sad. They just remodeled it too. I... (Read more)

  • Probably one of the best stores in town - I really hate that OSH is closing, we do not have... (Read more)

yeah i saw the sign i shop there a lot

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Just drove by my Orchard store, big banner STORE CLOSING. Tell me it isn't so. I was just there this week-end. I hate the big stores. Are all the stores closing?

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  • I think they are not closing all stores - I think they have issues with pricing as it's hard to... (Read more)