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I think a lot of people also forget in this area what a Luxury Department store really is. As an advid traveler I think people in Norfolk are not exposed to what luxury truly means. During my visit to Norfolk to visit friends I stopped in Nordstrom. It’s a stable store around the world with food I am familiar with and when I travel it feels like home to stop into a Nordstrom. This was by far the bleakest Nordstrom I had been to. No huge brands, very few sale associates and what startled me the most is how many people complained about the price of the food. I mean not to be rude but this isn’t your neighborhood Applebee’s. The ingredients are organic, clean and readily available to you. This is also a Nordstrom. Which prides itself on quality, over quantity. I don’t understand how people can demand a store to remain when the customer base isn’t there. I never bat an eyelash at price when it’s quality product. So when I walk around this bleak Nordstrom and here people audibly complaining about price I stop to wonder how Nordstrom has stayed in this location as long as it has. Without a customer base a store can not generate revenue and at the end of the day Nordstrom is a business. Just like Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth it is a Corporation first and for most.

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