Topics regarding store closing at Nordstrom

Topics regarding store closing at Nordstrom

Mall of San Juan Nordstrom Closed

I didn't know that Nordstrom closed in the Mall of San Juan in Puerto Rico. If I remember correctly the store closed temporarily and reopen again but it seems it closed for good after all. Am I wrong or? Which other locations have closed?

Nordstrom to extend store closings

Nordstrom is extending their store closings well into April. Who else is completely not surprised by these news? In a semi-chaotic times like these, this is only to be expected from a retailer and especially if that retailer is Nordstrom.

Future of Nordstrom

I think a lot of people also forget in this area what a Luxury Department store really is. As an advid traveler I think people in Norfolk are not exposed to what luxury truly means. During my visit to Norfolk to visit friends I stopped in Nordstrom... —  read more 


the only store closed in 2016 was Horton . Nordstrom had other full line in San Diego. meanwhile macys and saks closed stores. Neiman Marcus should be doing closing of stores in 2017 . they are 4.9 bilion in debt on 4. 8 billion in sales. —  read more 

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