Boston Market restaurant closed!

A bummer, but it didn't come as a surprise. It wasn't frequented enough like it was in the past and the closure was expected. Still, the Boston Market in Santa Clarita, Ca was beloved by many despite the loss of popularity.

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  • The real reason Boston Market is disappearing

  • Boston Market and Chick-Fil-A are not direct competitors. Both have great food, but Chick-Fil- A is better managed and much more service oriented. Far more revenue generated per square foot. I certainly miss our Boston Market location that closed on 07 July.

  • I would argue that it was quite popular. No need for it to be closed.

  • Will Boston Market open in Santa Clarita again??? Does somebody know???

  • This closing is such nonsense.

  • Boston Market is SO much better than Chick-fil-A this sucks

  • Chick-fil-A > Boston Market cant change my mind

  • You mean the one that closed on July 7? I heard that it will be replaced by a Chick-fil-A. Talk about a downgrade.