Topics regarding store closing at Boston Market

Topics regarding store closing at Boston Market


What's the deal with the Boston Market closure in Mountain View? It closed years ago but I still don't get it. What had happened to that restaurant? From what I understood is that the Boston Market on 1039 El Monte Avenue had quite the foot traffic... — read more 

Don't ignore Boston Market

Yeah, I know that Boston Market doesn't count as soul food but if you're going to eat at a chain restaurant you might as well eat here. They're underrated in their own way. The food is just fantastic. Please give them a chance.

Boston Market in Geneva IL

Man talk about a fall from grace! That phrase is very applicable to the Boston Market in Geneva Illinois at 1873 South Randall Road. Little wonder it closed. Does anyone else remember how good the restaurant was when it first opened?

Boston Market gone from Weston

Boston Market in Weston, Florida closed last year in late October. It's a bit confusing why they left North Park Dr. I thought it was a profitable location for them. I must have been very much in the wrong however because they obviously closed.

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