Topics regarding store closing at Boston Market

Topics regarding store closing at Boston Market

Don't ignore Boston Market

Yeah, I know that Boston Market doesn't count as soul food but if you're going to eat at a chain restaurant you might as well eat here. They're underrated in their own way. The food is just fantastic. Please give them a chance.


What's the deal with the Boston Market closure in Mountain View? It closed years ago but I still don't get it. What had happened to that restaurant? From what I understood is that the Boston Market on 1039 El Monte Avenue had quite the foot traffic... — read more 

Providence RI Closed

Call them and you will see - they are closed indeed: Boston Market Providence - Counter-serve chain dishing up American comfort fare such as rotisserie chicken in a simple setting. Address: 185 Sockanosset Cross Rd, Cranston, RI 02920 ... — read more 

Boston Market

I'm surprised Boston Market didn't go out of business by now. Maybe they will, who knows. The management is ridiculous and I know circuses are better organized than they are. No hard feelings towards them though, even if my words imply otherwise -... — read more 

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