applebee's list of closing restaurants 2020

I already know which ones have closed so I want to know which are gonna be closed. thanks for any info in advance

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  • I don't think any of them will close. Maybe next year but this one? I doubt it...

  • Restaurants don't tell in advance that they will be closing anymore. They just put a sign on the door after closing one night for employees to see the next day. Two restaurants in my town did that in one week and it's been done at three places my daughter has worked which is why she got out of food service.

  • Is Silverdale, WA on the list of locations closing?

  • $

  • You know which ones have closed? You mean in 2019? Can you tell which ones did close?

  • which applebee's are closing

  • Are they closing restaurants?

  • Me too

  • I would like to know as well